All cables are custom made in the order they are received and take 1-3 weeks to build and ship. Shipping is via USPS Parcell or Priority mail as well as USPS international post. Shipping charges are shown in the Paypal cart. International Shipping available, Simply select the country to ship to from within your cart. Updated shipping fees will then be displayed.
Zengineering’s POWER BRICK™ is an amazing device, but to get the most out of it you must have the proper cables to connect it to your variety of hardware devices.
1) Start with a quality 12v Battery to POWER BRICK™ cable. RCA to Battery Terminal Clips (14ga.)
2) Then choose a Power cable. Zengineering’s POWER BRICK™ is designed to utilize the “RCA” connector as a standard for simplicity and reliability. As an astronomical standard RCA is often compatible with most Dew Heating strips, natively. 
3) We offer a universal set of 10 Tips for compatibility with all your devices.  (Includes standard tips for most laptops.)
This same cable can be used with various tips to power all sorts of other devices. Purchase multiple cables and sets of tips to power your laptop, mount, camera, focuser, etc. Contact me for custom cables.
Contact me for custom solutions. (413)441-0673   parallax_m42@hotmail.com
The standard “Universal” power cable is an RCA to 2.1mm DC male. Which works with countless devices, including most mounts and cameras as well as all Mallincam cameras. Available in several gauges and lengths.
8) We also offer an optional Male Cigarette to 2.1mm Male DC cable We use a high quality Cigarette Plug that is fused and has a red LED.
Battery to POWER BRICK Cable - RCA to Battery Terminal Clip
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Set of 10 Universal Power Tips (Fits most Laptops)
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Cigarette Male to 2.1mm DC Male
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Universal POWER BRICK Cable - RCA to 2.1mm DC Male
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5) Zengineering offers a 12v Cigarette Multi-Port Adapter device that mates perfectly with the POWER BRICK™ to accommodate users with High Powered 5v devices such as USB Hubs, Cell Phones, Tablets, Video Capture devices, etc.
The Cigarette plug that connects to the POWER BRICK™ contains one Cigarette socket, one 2.1A USB port (IPhones), and one 1A USB port. A 3ft cord connects to a satellite unit with the following:
3x 12v Cigarette Sockets 2x 5v USB Power @ 3A (Good for USB Hub's, Upscalers, etc) 2x 5v USB Power @ 1A (Phones, MP3, WiFi, etc)
6) To support users with 5v devices we provide custom USB to Universal 2.1mm DC cables, use with various tips to connect your 5v devices.
7) To support users with Apple (MAC) computers, we offer a custom RCA to MagSafe cable.
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4) To support users with DSLR cameras we offer custom RCA to DSLR “faux insert adapter” cables for all major models of Canon DSLR. Visit the DSLR Adapter Cables page for compatibility and ordering info.
RCA to Apple MagSafe Power Cable
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12v Cigarette Multi-Port Adapter
USB (5v) to Universal 2.1mm DC Power Cable
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